Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We're all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow...

Yes, tis true.  I finally get to go on a school trip and it's to London Zoo.  Wish me luck with my quota of 6 seven year olds!  I am hoping it will be a cheerful day in amongst so much other stuff right now.

And if you would like, or need something to make you smile, which I guarantee will make one young lad really really happy, please check out my son's first YouTube video.  It's a stop-motion Lego adventure, it's only a couple of minutes long, but he has been monitoring his stats since he posted it a couple of days ago, and a little surge in interest will make his day…

If you, or the youngsters in your lives have a YouTube account, or log in using Google and can Like or even subscribe, oh please do.  I promise you won't be inundated, it will all be short Lego or Minecraft movies, suitable for all the family.  When he's a world famous film director, you can all say you knew him at the start.

Thanking you in advance xxx


  1. Oh, it's wonderful! Well done, Sir Racso!

    Good luck at the zoo tomorrow - with three young bairns at home you'll already have eyes in the back of your head, which is lucky because you're going to need them!!

    P.S. I've tweeted a link to the marvellous adventure to help spread the word...hope it helps!

  2. Great lego video. My favorite part was the bows at the end. My son's now 15 and he still sneaks in a lego video once in awhile - especially when they are asked to do something creative at school.

  3. Great video! Hope that the zoo trip goes well - always fun with a bunch of children!

  4. absolutely brilliant. Lego has taken on a whole new dimension now. Loved the curtain calls at the end.

  5. Very good! Do we have the next Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg in our midst? Could be :)

  6. It's a fun video. I remember when hundreds of stop motion photos regularly appeared on my camera, it may be a current right of passage?

  7. Excellent wee film and please tell him I like the music score too.

  8. Oh well done O ! That was fab, I hope my viewing registered on the stats!


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