Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Testing times...

It's been a typically back-at-it busy day, work, after school swimming, Cubs, sewing on Cubs badges in a last minute panic, swiftly ignoring the fact that they had been waiting for attachment for about, umm, 8 weeks, and I have just sat down in an exhausted heap, whilst waiting on the tumble dryer to finish.  Back in the old routine, grrr!

Whether or not I get the energy back to finish off these little pattern test samples this evening…

… I wouldn't put money on it.

However, I have my non-working day all to myself tomorrow, so I think I might just add them to the To Do list and have a cup of tea x


  1. Yep, jump off that hamster wheel for a bit and do some fun sewing! Jxo

  2. Term time is so exhausting isn't it! Thank goodness you (and me!) have a day off tomorrow for some sewing, yay!!

  3. That looks like a pretty bit of sewing, I love that fabric and have some to use one day. I hope the routine sets in for you and around my house too.

  4. The badges go on quite nicely with Wondaweb, you know! I used to run a Rainbows unit for 5 years and plenty of parents had issues getting the badges on to the uniform so I always recommended doing them the same time as the ironing. x

  5. my badges were always crooked
    yay for non working days

  6. Hope today has been better, it is exhausting sometimes :o)

  7. Hope you got all you wanted done today!

  8. Oh I don't miss the days of clubs!


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