Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#IGminiswap Full Frontal

Time is short today - work, dentist, school Meet The Teacher session, pick up, home, back to school for a 2nd post-Chess club pick up, home again, showers for the girls, dinner, Cubs (although hubby had the pleasure of helping with the pack litter pick!), shower for the boy, and then, only then, time for a cup of tea!

So here's a full on pic of my #IGmini…

I am seriously thinking of a nice bit of spiral quilting, a little off-centre, in-keeping with the wonk; as much as I would love to get my hand quilting action on again, the number of seams in this beauty would totally scupper my rhythm!

Day off tomorrow though - woo hoo, 'nough said!


  1. As always, you make something brilliant.

  2. Good idea re the off centre spiral.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading this! Love your mini and the quilting sounds perfect :)

  4. Machine quilting is definitely the way to go :)

  5. Wow, you manage more in a day than I manage in a fortnight! Love the mini so far and can't wait to see the quilting!

  6. I love this. Hope I'm your partner. OH shit I'm not in the swap!

  7. This is gorgeous Hadley - love it! ***fingers crossed***


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