Thursday, 18 September 2014

Love 'em really...

… even when the planned for 'free' afternoon is taken up with a so-called poorly child, followed by a school meeting about the O2 Sing Up/Young Voices malarky in January.

Are anyone else's kids involved in that logistical head-scratcher?  What started out as a great free club had turned into a money pit that could all go tits-up if it snows!

Some days I am never happy ;)


  1. Is the Young Voices thing where lots of school choirs join together to sing with famous vocalists? Is the bus, t shirt, etc. going to cost a fortune?!! Hope you got some sewing done in amongst all that toing and froing!

  2. A friends daughter did it last year and aside from all the late nights and that she never mentioned anything about cost :/

  3. Sweet photos Hadley and I know nothing about the choir thing. I went to a village primary school where little else was taught other than English, maths and singing so I quite like singing. It sounds the sort of thing where that choir man (I'm going to teach the world to sing') is involved so tell us more!


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