Friday, 26 September 2014

Déjà vu...

Another Friday, another Brownie badge, the one I didn't get round to last week…

… all stitched down in time, just!

The only other fabric-related fun was cracking my way through a couple of meters, in preparation for another one of those secret projects…

I realise that this little blog has been a little light on the sewing front since the summer - I am going to blame school and work for zapping my energy and addling my brain, but I am hoping to rectify that pretty soon, I promise, so please keep coming back.  xxx


  1. would never leave you due to lack of sewing!! sense of humour bypass, maybe, but sewing drought, nope.

  2. What a good mummy! Do they have sashes? I don't think ours do any more

  3. Don't you do the badges by machine? Quick stitch just inside that border of satin stitch edging they have and bob's your uncle. Hand sewing them is painful for my hands because of the thickness. Secret looks curvy!

  4. Make them sew the badges themselves! I did, and I didn't care how wonky or crap they did it either.

  5. I'd be tempted to try fusible web for attaching those badges...


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