Tuesday, 2 September 2014


There's been no sewing, but I sat in the sun today, (yes, there was enough to warm my cockles), and play with the package I received from Pink Castle when I got back from my hols.

A few weeks ago Brenda had a stupendous discount on bundles, and seeing as I had just been paid, I indulged in a full flat rate envelope, because obviously it would have been both stupid and rude not to…

They all play together so nicely, I couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried.

For those who want more than just to look at the pretties, I purchased a half yard of both the lovely plummy and silver XOXO from Cotton & Steel and DS Honeycomb Lace (sold out); a FQ bundle of Scrumptious bias stripes; a FQ bundle of Sara's awesome Jungle Avenue; Brenda's Ah, Paris In The Summer bundle, and Katy's Sorbet picks.

I have no plans as such, other than to not buy any more fabric for a long time!


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