Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy Endings...

The end of September already!  After a seasonal/unseasonal misty, rainy start to the day, by home time the sun was shining again and it was warm enough for a power nap in the garden before collecting the kids from school!  Long may it last, I am not ready to put my flip flops away yet.

But not only that, but I also received happy mail.  Last week, on a metaphorically dark day, one little ray of sunshine broke through into my Inbox from Lucy telling me that I had won her Cotton & Steel giveaway.  It made me smile, but then life took over again and I honestly forgot, until today.

Fat Quarter Shop parcels are always wonderful to receive, but when they contain prizes, then even better.

I have been pretty selective in my C&S purchases, so this gorgeous Splash bundle is a welcome and gorgeous addition to my stash.

I love these colours.  I am working on a commission quilt so far outside of my comfort zone right now, that these beauties totally reinforce what my natural colours are.

Thank you Lucy, thank you Fat Quarter Shop xxx


  1. That really is a good post day! And it looks the sea on a sunny day :) x

  2. Yive tha luck o' tha Irish I tell ye! Jxo

  3. Perfect timing, and perfect colours! Even if you never use them they are a work of art

  4. Nice :-) These are such pretty colours.

  5. Lucky you, well done for winning - and well done for keeping on with a commission with colours that aren't your favourites!

  6. Those fat quarters look wonderful, cant wait to see what you make with them!

  7. You can't go wrong with cotton and steel. What a lovely bundle


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