Friday, 19 September 2014

Not the plan...

I was headed off to Eclectic Maker after work today, that was the plan.  However a phone call from school just before I clocked off, and it all went to pot.

The poorly girl was poorly again, running a temperature, so home we came.  No shopping, just Calpol.

It's a sad day when the most crafty I get is sewing on a last minute Brownie badge…

… and I only sewed the one, as the poorly one didn't go this evening, I'll do her's 5 minutes before next week's meeting!


  1. Aw poor wee pet! I hope she feels better soon, Jxo

  2. My how the brownies have changed 'security prevention' these days, and when I was that age we were allowed to wander up to a mile from the hall one day counting pubs and churches and crap for... actually I can't remember what for, but we're probably lucky nothing criminal happened that night with a load of squealy, irritating girls wandering around pissing everyone off ;o)

    IG mini's looking good anyway.

  3. Hope she's feeling better today. Just curious - what do you have to do for the crime prevention badge? I know police resourcing is underfunded but now the Brownies are helping? ;-)

  4. i have vague memories of the crime prevention badge involving counting how many wondows locked in your house and "helpfully" suggesting to parents that a burglar alarm should be fitted to the house.... hope the poorly one is better soon. am discovering the wonders of calpol myself....

  5. I hope the poorly one is feeling better by now and that it's not the run up to a full bout of nastiness!

  6. Sewing is sewing? Take it any way it comes? Hope she's feeling better :(


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