Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Women, know your limits!

OK, so if I had thought about it for a second, I would have realised that I was never going to get the whole Pips bound in a couple of hours, so a broken promise and no finish to show you today, sorry. 

However I did get more than half way round and have mitred 3 of the corners already, so I will have no excuse for not finishing tonight!

So whilst these two stomped, clomped and pranced about at ballet...

I did some colouring!!

Partner if you are looking in, I hope you like the idea I am adapting from a Boo Davis pattern - it will no doubt alter more when I start selecting the fabric - scrappy graphic - but I am hoping this will get the thumbs up!

And finally, seeing as my giveaway luck is completely non-existent, I might as well tell you to pop on over to Kati at From the Blue Chair for the chance to win an extremely useful and beautiful Kona Color Card, because chances are, I won't be winning it eh!!


  1. i never win either! i may try this one... I love the girls on swings fabric. It would look great as a skirt... Your girls looks sooooo sweet. Little ballet dancers, i remember mine going, and i dragged my son along too. He has just forgiven me. ha ha

  2. Ooh love that pattern it will be fab! And your Pips is looking good :-)

  3. I love your scarf binding! My pips arrived today, not sure what to do with them yet... :o)

  4. I think I may have mentioned on Flickr already how much I love that skully pattern. I may huff if it's not mine. And, I have to say, you may have converted me to the pips love as well. Can't say I've been overawed with it but once I see yours in its entirety a 180 may be imminent coz it looks fabulous!


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