Monday, 30 May 2011

No Sew Sunday!

A family day, and internet problems to resolve, meant no quilting-action for me yesterday!!  Can you believe it - but a little cross-stitch held the cold-turkey at bay!

I gave mum a glimpse of Dad's quilt, and Dad gave us the info for the forthcoming Artist's Open Studios.

So if you are wondering what to do with yourselves over the next 3 weekends, and you are in or around the Kent area, why not see if there are any open homes that take your fancy!  The website has Art Trails to download, so you can plan a tour within a small area;  I recommend the 'Wrotham'!

Obviously I would love you make a beeline for my childhood home and snap up something fantastic, (you could mention that I sent you, but you'll be charged double!!).

We will be popping up there at some point, but we really daren't take our rampaging monsters into anyone-else's fragile environment; I couldn't take the stress.

Looks like a typical grey Bank Holiday out there, but whatever you are up to, enjoy x


  1. For a change it's sunny (ish) here this morning. Have a great b.holiday/HT. Jxo

  2. Had a nosey at Garden Glass Design (well I cant come to Kent) and that glass bowl is absolutely gorgeous! I want one...

  3. I may float in my pool a bit today. I need to get some sun on these uber-white legs. BUT THENAGAIN!! I may end up in my studio. LOL


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