Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The second cut of the week...


Looking good so far for the Brit Quilt Swap?

I'm having a dilemma about the background though.  You'll remember that the original pattern should look like this...

However the highlighters at work were too tempting and I've had a play.  Now I'd probably go for the all-over random background, but I've also come up with other patterns...

What do you think partner?  Once again I will either go for majority rule, or the one I prefer if you don't speak up!

I've also be piecing the Union Jack quilt, and the top will be finished tomorrow.  Which reminds me, I forgot to tick these off...
  1. Finish the Sherbet Pips Confetti quilt, and not let it just sit there for fear that my quilting will ruin it.
  2. Finish my Scrappy quilt completely.
That's 7/20 completed and 3 kept on target; Bee block, Mystery Quilt and purposeful fabric buying; not bad I reckon.


  1. That skull is brilliantly conceived. Of the three new backgrounds I guess I would vote for the one on the right. This is going to be an excellent mini quilt!

  2. Oooo, I got 'cannit' for word verification tonight. I like that. Cross between positive reinforcement and innit!

  3. Glad I'm not the one having to choose, as I love all the backgrounds! Isn't it going to be difficult to join in the background fabric? Or will this appliance on top?

  4. Isn't spell check a pain? I didn't mean appliance, but appliqué!

  5. I am not in your swap- just being a sticky beak- but I love the arrangement of colours in your drawing on the right hand side- the yellow seems to draw your attention in!

  6. Love your design :-) Love your fabric picks too :-)

  7. I really like the one that seems to be pointing to the right. Directs your eye across the skull. IMHO

  8. yup yup, chevrons for me! Cannit Girly (lollers at Susan!!)

  9. I don't know how you do it being a working mum - flippin' amazing! Jxo

  10. I like the top left. And I agree, you are flippin amazing :)


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