Friday, 13 May 2011

Not on the list!

Thanks Blogger for making my virtual life a bit stressful over the last 24hrs!  (Edit: No need to re-post yesterday's - it's 9.50pm and I've noticed it back - thank you Blogger geeks x).  If that's the worst Friday the 13th can offer, I'm OK with that!

Well with an evening to myself, I set to completing a few bits and pieces.  I made a card to go in my parcel with Trudi's Bee blocks, packaged up my tea-towel swap in eager anticipation of hearing from Leonie about who and where I will be sending it to, and unfortunately I won't be posting any pictures until appropriate!

But I can show you some little 'extras' I made that were not on the 'To Do List'!

With some long thin pieces of fabric, a little folding, pressing and some poppers, this is what I ended up with...


The idea came from Handmade Living, issue1.  Mine is an Amy Butler sari print, the girls opted for the pink and the one that looks like 'mummy's handbags', (good girl trained to spot Orla Kiely at age 4!), and the Doctor Who Tardis blue with red stitching as requested by my little Time Lord.

It's quite a nice magasine if you spot it on your travels, although it is published by the same people as Sew Hip, and this issue does have some of the same projects that I have already seen in the last 10 months, so buyer beware, there may also be other repeats of food and garden articles from sister magasines too.

Well one week down, and two to go until half term, and it wasn't so bad, but for now, I hope your real and virtual weekends go to plan!


  1. I love those bracelets. I have never heard of those magazines. I will have to see if I can find them. I really want to make those. Before I posted this comment I looked and the reason I have never heard of them is because we don't have them here in the US...UGH!! I really want to make them. I guess I will be playing around with widths and such. Thanks for showing them.

  2. My blog has been messed about too & my last posting from Wednesday still hasn't reappeared - BOOOO! Anyway, yes your bracelets are super-cute. Can't you tute them for our friends over the pond who don't get the mag? Jxo

  3. Very cute :)

    Yes, blogger being gone was quite the bummer. I kept checking all day and it was still in read-only mode. pshhhhhhh

  4. What a pain about the thread! Got to love little old ladies :-) we'll be them one day!!

    Lovely bracelets. I made some before on the embroidery machine (with Princess, boys rule, best friends etc) but could only do children's sizes, these are much more grown up, and I really like the twice-around idea. Might have to look out for the mag!


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