Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Another Bank Holiday...

... and another burst of energy!

Inspired, (well more like stressed), by the length of my 'to do list', I decided that if I could get 2 or 3 things completed I would be ecstatic, and this week I would hopefully, with new rotary blade in hand, be able to make my Bee blocks with a small weight off my achy shoulders!

So firstly, No. 11 Cut and hem the 2 pocket squares I promised my husband last year - he bought 2 FQs that I can have the remainder of, IF I get on with it. Tick.

What a happy fella!

Then for the younger man in my life, No. 12 Make a tray for dear son that incorporates a tiny Lego scrap he covets.  Tick.

Plus I made further advances with my scrappy quilt, cutting some sashing and laying out the blocks...

I also started the cushion covers... good going in my books!

Finally, if you fancy seeing how the other half live on the proceeds of our fabric obsession, check out Amy Butler's beautiful home and cats!


  1. Oh I am impressed. I barely touched on one of my to-do's. Good thing my list isn't as long as your's.

  2. Wow! When you get stuck in you sure do get on with things! I must learn from you...

  3. Wow! Have you been on the red-bull? What a productive day! Jxo

  4. Good going indeed, the lego is brilliant. How do you find the time? wonder woman!

  5. WOW! I am impressed by your productivity! You are on a roll!

  6. Took the house tour - wow!

  7. You are BUSY BUSY BUSY! Good for you!! I've been so detached from the internet, quilting, sewing and blogging for over a week. I feel like I've missed so much! Your scrappy quilt is almost done!!!!

    It's good to be back :)

  8. So what are husband's pocket squares?


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