Saturday, 7 May 2011

Friday Night...who'd of thought it!

Well I spent the evening tidying, woo-hoo, rock'n'roll!

I had been cleaning and tidying the rest of the house all afternoon, and still had the bathroom to do in the morning, (I'm one of those 'clean the shower whilst in it' kind of folks), so I thought I could only justify my nagging of everyone else by clearing up my own clutter!

So my 'corner' of the conservatory started like this, piles of fabric and 'stuff'...

Got horribly worse instead of better...

 But, and I suspect you'll need a trained eye to see the difference, ended up like this...

It was dark by the time I finished!  Now I know what I have, and where it is; well for a few days anyway!

I also listened to my first podcast whilst I sorted.  Pop over to Rhonda's to hear more than you ever thought possible about Lynne Goldsworthy (Lily's Quilts) and put a voice to the words of one of the great Lily's Quilts flickr crew, plus there's a great giveaway, what are you waiting for?!


  1. Haha, we spent the night doing the washing cos we're cool kids! lol It's because we live on a student site, so have to use the student laundrette. On a Friday night no one uses it as they all go out. So as we have no interest in 'clubs' we do our washing then! Perfect :)
    I have to regularly tidy up my sewing stuff, as like you I forget where stuff is! lol
    Ashley x

  2. This post made me laugh!! Indeed, it always gets messier before it gets tidier. Love the title of your blog, by the way!

  3. Us mommies know how to rock out on a friday eve don't we!! I'm right there with you with what we call "organized chaos" my hubby often comes in after my hours of tidying to ask "what have you been doing?"

  4. Well at least your Friday night was more productive than mine...I got home from work about 7 and then ummmmm went to bed. Yes I know...bed at 7 pm? Yep there is the truth of it. I watched Gary Senise (who I have a major crush on) and went to sleep! Now I have to work today and maybe do a little quilting after that but I still don't see any cleaning in my near future because tomorrow is Mother's Day and I don't wanna!!!

  5. You would probably faint if you saw my workroom right now! I have to go through a maze to get from one side to the other! I haven't had time to stop and straighten it for over a month now. It feels so good when it's clean.

  6. Call that messy? Oh you are but a novice!!

  7. I obviously have a trained eye, 9 boxes now instead of 10?

    I had a clear up too today, and shocked myself as to how many in-progress projects I found ... So I put them all in a pile, and started a table cloth for sis-in-law, LOL


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