Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Burgers, boxes and blocks...

The Bank Holiday wasn't the wash-out we'd feared.  We went to the Steyning Country Fair, and passed a couple of hours perusing the stalls and eating burgers.  The weather was mild and grey, but no rain until tea-time, so that was a bonus. 

Fortunately there were no fabric stalls to pry the money from my purse.  A relief for everyone!

We also went shoe shopping for the 3 wee folk - a bit of a trial, but we came away with boxes and boxes of footwear; 3 pairs of sandals and 2 pairs of sparkly Doodles, so all in all a success.

All the walking and fresh air meant that the period from 'bedtime' to 'sleep' for the under 7s was literally the blink of an eye, so Daddy could watch some old Doctor Who and I could get on with today's new Mystery block at a reasonable hour.

Ta da...

...and it's the right size, as I still have my trusted masking tape in place.

That's the first three blocks completed; even the second one, that I initially had a 'problem' with, looks kind of good now!

Hope you had a good long weekend - now, the sun is shining, it's half term and I really do have fabric to buy!


  1. Lovely summery colours! We spent yesterday helping a friend decorate! Well the 'boys' decorated, the other wife supervised while I entertained her daughter. (we sewed) and us girls made teas and food!

  2. Looking good! Glad you got some sewing in!

  3. I really don't know where you find the time! Obviously, it's essential that you show us any half-term fabric purchases :)

  4. We were just talking about Doodles yesterday! Wondering if they went big enough for the Chook since she's a big size 1 (she is delighted, I am horrified my baby keeps growing!) coz they're just fab for the summer.
    Your blocks are looking lovely! Great summery range, that.

  5. growing feet? my little baby boy who has just turned 13 now has size 8 feet - and thats big sizes!!! I hate shoe shopping for kids - it was something i always dreaded. well done!
    and let us know where you get and what you get fabric wise. x

  6. Just discovered your blog, your quilting is fantastic, something I never tried and probably couldn't do, it looks so difficult! xx

  7. Lovely blocks. And before you listen to Episode 3....I am so sorry. You will understand when you listen LOL

  8. I really like your colors there! I'm jealous of that fabulous fair! Looks like something you could just spend hours perusing!

  9. The blocks all look wonderful! Great colors!

  10. Those blocks are so fresh and springy! How many more blocks are there?

  11. The holiday looks fun and the blocks look great. :)


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