Monday, 2 May 2011

Summer Sewing Plans...

Lovely Sarah over at FairyFace Designs (you know, the one with the giveaway that you must not enter by 6pm today), well, she has posted what I have basically taken as a 'challenge' to see what we are all planning to achieve over the Summer months, (please adjust to Winter, oh ye of the Southern hemisphere).

Following on from the list I wrote for myself a few weeks ago, I figured why not let you know too, so that you can get on my case in the Autumn if I have failed to live up to expectations!  Hmm, not actually sure that it is a great idea, but here goes nothing, in no particular order...
  1. Finish the Sherbet Pips Confetti quilt, and not let it just sit there for fear that my quilting will ruin it.
  2. Finish my Scrappy quilt completely.
  3. Finish the Boutique quilt, even though I don't like it, then let the kids have it for the garden and not get moody when it gets dirty by keeping in mind that I don't like it!!
  4. Do something with the mass of batik that reminds me every time I look in my fabric box, that sometimes bad ideas happen to the best of us, (a long story)!
  5. Keep up to date and do my total best with all the Brit Bee blocks.
  6. Keep up to date and try not to cheat on the mystery quilt.
  7. Make, and maybe send, at least one of my 'Pay It Forward' gifts... but I'm not telling.
  8. Make my Dad the Union Jack quilt I have been promising my Mum I'll make for him.
  9. Make my Mum something equally lovely for her birthday.
  10. Make the covers for the final 2 cushions I have been procrastinating about for too long.
  11. Cut and hem the 2 pocket squares I promised my husband last year - he bought 2 FQs that I can have the remainder of, IF I get on with it.
  12. Make a tray for dear son that incorporates a tiny Lego scrap he covets.
  13. Make a 'little something' for the girls, so that all my time spent at the sewing machine is not totally for other people.
  14. Do a Swap - maybe not the first Brit Swap, as having looked at this list, I think perhaps I need to get a few other things ticked off first, but maybe in August?
  15. Start the 'KISS'.
  16. Not buy any more fabric UNLESS I actually have a need, accurate requirements and time to complete another project, (hmm...may be the hardest!).
  17. Try to expand my quilting skills by joining in with more sample blocks and experiments a la BLG and BlindBob.
  18. Master a few more embroidery stitches, especially French knots.
  19. Plan ahead for Christmas!
  20. Design and make, and then repeat something I am proud of - not sure what yet, but a real long-term aspiration.
This list blatantly omits all the things we need to do to the house and garden, along with remembering to feed and clothe the children everyday, but they tend to shout if I forget!

I will let you know every time I cross one off, you can count on that.  So do you have a 'to do list'?  Go on... share!


  1. I have used one of the "page" options on blogger to set up a to do list on my blog. It's very satisfying to move things from to-do into done! And it does mean than mum can nag when something isn't getting done!

    I confess that somethings make it straight to the done list, without having been on the to do!!

  2. Damn, you make me look like a slacker! But I have a helpful hint to ease the load - teach the kids to cook. It pays off big time down the road. That's why I'm in bed reading blogs on my iPad right now and Helen is baking this week's lunch box treats. Life is good!!

  3. Phew, I don't feel half so bad now that I look at your list, must dream up more projects...lol

  4. I can hardly read your list before the summer is over, let alone do all those things!

  5. If you get all that done i will send you some fab fabric! x

  6. haha, your list is waaaay longer than mine but I left out lots now that I think about it. Lots to do there, the feeding and clothing can take a lot longer than it should too which never helps (in my house anyway!) Thanks for linking up!!

  7. Your list has made me laugh, especially remembering to feed the family! I hope you find the time to fit it all in!!

  8. That is quilt a list! :) Love the comment to remember the kids. oh yes, me too!
    Have a great day!

  9. That's a heck of a list, looking forward to watching as you make progress! You can do it! (Finding you via Sarah @ FairyFace today)

  10. Wow, what a great list! A to-do list is a good idea :) I should make one, then maybe I won't forget the things I want to do.
    Ashley x


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