Thursday, 12 May 2011

What's a girl to do?

Well now this roll of bungee gorgeousness has arrived, I have a choice of things to finish!

It makes me quite hungry just looking at it!  I reminds me of a great big chelsea bun, or some other doughy treat!  As it measures about 15" wide, even I couldn't finish it (in one go!).

Anyway, I think the Pips are top of the list, but I'd like some 'interesting' thread to quilt it with - I had a vision of some variegated pink/grey/aqua, but I must have dreamt it - unless anyone knows different?!  Or maybe I'll start the union top, or just concentrate on the scrappy... oh I don't know!

A very craft-less post I'm afraid, as I was doing the mummy-thing in spades since 3pm yesterday - school runs, ballet fittings and lesson, birthday party and the school open evening for September entrants!  I did spend the 30 minutes of peace whilst the girls tippy-toed and picked imaginary flowers looking at a Jaycotts catalogue though, quality time!

I've decided that I really do need a new sewing machine!  I'd like a walking and proper 1/4" foot, the option that one day I may be able to try to FMQ but I don't think I will ever need 3000 stitches or 20 types of button hole, but there are still so many to choose from!  Time to get reading that Brit Quilt flickr thread I've been skipping!  Any suggestions?

Finally, I've ordered a little inspiration from Amazon for the Brit Quilt Swap, although I've already told 'Advanced' Sheila, who is valiantly trying to control the Mystery Quilters, (NB that's skill, not years!), I don't want to risk spoiling any chance of a pleasant surprise for my victim just yet!


  1. I have a Pfaff, it has an extra long throat for quilting and I love it!! If you find interesting thread let me know!

  2. My you're an early bird post-er! I'm a big fan of Pfaff because it has the dual feed which makes quilting so much easier. I think Bernina also have DF - I would highly recommend this if you're wanting to do more quilting - it keeps the top layers of fabric moving through the machine with the bottom layers. Also, I would suggest avoiding Janome 'top loaders' where the bobbin drops in at the top of the machine table - I teach a community class who use these and they are v.temperamental with tension - AVOID! Jxo

  3. Have to disgree with Judith - I work with Janome in the shop and over the years many of the ladies in my classes have bought different models, have not come across this problem.
    Shop around and decide which features you really want, and ask for a demo.

  4. well I love my Husqvarna, which I was given for my 21st birthday - which shows they have longevity! But I did have to spend forty quid on a walking foot (which is totally worth it). Where did you get your batting? Got mine from the owl and sewing cat but was wondering if it's cheaper online?

  5. I have a review on my blog as recently bought a pfaff quilt expression, i love it hth :-)


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