Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fabric Galore!!

But fabric with a purpose, so I haven't fallen off the wagon just yet!

Firstly I received the rest of my Sherbet Pips for the Confetti backing, and because of an earlier mix up, I was also sent the cutest mini-Charm pack ever!  So I will use the minis in my plans to make something for the girls, (probably!).

I also received the bundle I selected for the Mystery Quiltalong!  My plan, to practice my (larger) HSTs with this first block before I make up my Bee Blocks (2 birds with one stone and all that!). 

So, as if by magic...

Block one completed, what a beauty, if I do say so myself!  OK so the magic was actually a lot of aggro; I tend to work in metric when left to my own devices, so trimming 6.5" and 7" squares involved masking tape, pencil marks and obligatory swearing!  Thank goodness the Bee HSTs are teeny and I do have a 4.5" square rule!

Before I go, more Giveaways,(I should get commission surely).  Judith, of Needles and Lemons, fellow Bee and soon to be star of Quilter in the Gap Rhonda's next interview, has brought back from her US travels, a fat quarter set of the entire new Denyse Schmidt range 'Picnic and Fairground' plus two coordinating solids!!

Lara at Sew Many Stitches Later is also offering some 'Picnic and Fairground', including some exclusive Australasian DS prints in her Giveaway.  So pop over to NZ and check out her lovely blog too.

Obviously all these giveaways are specifically aimed at me, as I made plenty of space during my tidying session on Friday night to accommodate them!

Happy Mother's Day (rest of the world!).


  1. The girls on a swing! i am in love. I want to make a top from that. Why is fabric just soooooo lovely, i love seeing the piles. Sunday to sew - lush. x

  2. I love the girls on a swing too, so cute! :) The quilt block looks great!
    Ashley x

  3. Metric!! You young thing you!

  4. Love your mystery block - they look good don't they!

  5. Nice fabric! I love the fabrics you chose for the mystery quilt along and your block is wonderful!

  6. Lovely block...well done! Where do you find the time? Look forward to seeing the rest of the fabric in use!


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