Friday, 27 May 2011

The third cut of the week...

After my successful Union Jack top finish yesterday, I spent last night chopping into my scraps and new solids for the Brit Quilt Swap. 

The chevrons won the vote, so I figured if I cut the right number of each colour, then if I didn't like it, I'd still be able to go ahead and make it random anyway.  So what do you think?

I had to post it on flickr straight away last night, even though I usually try to post on here first, but I couldn't wait, sorry!  The colours are a bit 'out' in the picture, but you can see where it's going.

Initial reaction has been good - but I'm still not saying if my partner commented or not.  However, I want to stick with the chevrons and get sewing - there are over 180 little pieces in this mini quilt! 

And as if this isn't a great end to a great week already... it's half term!!  We also have an inset day on the 6th, and I am off work again on the 8th for a trip with nursery to Drusillas Zoo Park.  I love my children!


  1. Pretty cool. I'm amazed you created a skull like that without curved piecing. That's skill.

  2. Half term - out of routine. Yippee! Enjoy your kids. I always enjoy mine more when I don't have to constantly be on their backs keeping them on schedule. Hope we get 'holiday weather' like we did in April!

  3. No half term here, just a bank holiday! Have fun! Jxo

  4. Enjoy the holidays with your kids give the rest of us a chance to catch up.
    Your skull is a masterpiece and the end result is gonna be fantastic.

  5. it's the bees knees ... makes me giddy :)

  6. This is looking good I like the Union Jack top too, your Dad will love it I am sure. Yes half term for me too....love it! Enjoy your kids and the farm trip. I have ALL my grandchildren coming to stay the week after..cant wait!
    OO, so I hope this works this time, on another blog someone said the uncheck the 'keep me signed in' box so thats what I have done ;)


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