Saturday, 14 May 2011

The agony of the long distance quilter!

I woke up thinking about the Pips... I cleaned the house as quickly and obviously thoroughly as possible and then armed with backing, wadding, top and spray, I got to basting on the deck.

OK, so it was a bit breezy (masking tape to the rescue), the sky was a bit grey (thankfully no rain), but I got everything 'stuck' together pretty easily and decided to get it quilted and the binding attached in time to hand finish it in front of the Eurovision Song Contest (I'm blaming Verity!).  Hmmm...

I got 27/40 of my horizontals finished, when disaster, a total 'non-calculation' of the thread I'd need, meant I ran out!!!  Cue emergency call to the local fabric shop, and a very odd conversation along the lines of:

Me: Can you see if you have any Gutermann thread number 732 - it's a very light pink?
Old lady:  Have I got any red what?
Me: No, thread...
Old lady:  Yes, what number?
Me: 732...
Old lady:  The lovely green?
Me: No, light pink...
Old lady: DMC or Anchor?
Me: No, Gutermann...
Old lady: Let me check.... No...

This look about 5 minutes!

So my quilt has stalled, and I wasn't about to make an hour round trip to town, so it will have to wait until Monday.  Poo!

But I managed to start something else that I will hopefully be able to show you tomorrow.

So in eager anticipation... Bonne nuit, Gute nacht, Dobra noc!


  1. I don't know if I will be able to snag the remote from John for Eurovision. I do have peace and quiet and computer time now because they are all watching Dr Who. The Canadian in me just doesn't get it at times and they spend more time explaining it to me than watching so best I just keep out the way.

    I constantly fail to plan thread properly and never have a back-up when I think I do so I feel for you.

  2. Oh sorry your groove got stalled on the quilt. But grab an extra large tub of ice-cream and snuggle down to some fab, cheesy Eurovision fun - love, love, love it!!!!! Come on you Blues! Jxo

  3. Don't forget slan from the Irish (er potential winners!), loving the look of your work, that fabric is very very very cute!

    Haha your conversation is funny (not for you of course but really, red v. thread!!!)

    Slan Fiona!

  4. quilting in front of telly - nil points!

    looking forward to seeing what else you've been rustling up ...

  5. Oh, I'm sorry about the thread, hope you get it on Monday without any further problems.
    And dobranoc to you, too :)


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