Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cutting corners...doh!!!

So I got the cushions covers pieced together and had the binding attached, but in trying to ensure I had enclosed all the many layers, my seams were a bit over the 1/4" and 6 layers thick in some places, making the binding a little too snug to wrap around comfortably.

Oh I'll trim a little off the edges, sounds reasonable enough; do the deed, only to then discover that...

I had sliced off all 4 corners waiting to be mitred, not just one, the whole lot!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrgh!.  Cue a lot of swearing and going off to bed in a huff!

Only saving grace is that I discovered this before I got to slicing up the second cover. 

So tonight I will finish the cushions, even if it results in me pulling an all-nighter, I want them done!


  1. We've all done things like that! It is always frustrating! I once quilted almost an entire quilt by machine only to discover that the backing had folded up onto itself. I had to rip out almost all my quilting! I learned from that to check constantly!
    Sorry about your mishap.

  2. i hope it doesnt't take all night! good luck and swearing can be good for you.... x

  3. Not worth an all nighter! Sleep, rest and be refreshed for a better day! Been there, done it, know to stop and take a breadk - lol They're still looking fab!

  4. Oh, I hate those moments when you come to realise just what you have done. Thankfully it was just the binding and that can be replaced easily enough - and I agree with Miss Ginger - swearing can be good for you. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

  5. I find this a great comfort, as this is just the kind of thing I do all the time.

  6. Bad luck! I find it hilarious that pulling an all-nighter now involves sewing, where once it probably (certainly for me!) involved dancing and copious booze :)

  7. Do you do your mitred corners using 4 lengths of binding? I do mine with one length of binding. Hope you manage to bodge a solution!

  8. Ugh! I hate when I do things like that. Then I beat myself up about it while I try to go to sleep. Then I think to myself, why am I beating myself up? I'll just double check for next time. It's not going to change the mistake I already made!

    So frustrating though! I feel your pain!

  9. Yes been there too! Best tackled after a good night's sleep & a hearty brekkie. Jxo


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