Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The first rule of Brit Bee is...

...you do not talk about Brit Bee!!  So I can't tell or show what I have been up to until Trudi has received all her blocks back.  However, I am finished and hope to get to the post office before the end of the week and get my GiddyAuntBobTrudiSquarePants off! 

So before I forget, 'To Do List' numbers:
5. Keep up to date and do my total best with all the Brit Bee blocks; and 
6. Keep up to date and try not to cheat on the mystery quilt
... have both been achieved for the time being.

So I will show you these beauties to banish the working week blues...

They are simply the most fabulous, happy colours in the world!  Lovely Lizzie, one of the Brit Quilt group had some thread that she was simply offering to anyone who was interested; I mentioned my favourite colours hoping she had some left, and she kindly sent me all three!  Thank you again Lizzie, you are wonderful!

So looking forward, my wadding will be arriving this week, and I have had a burst of inspiration for the scrappy quilt, so I think the next few evenings will be spent playing with scraps, and then I may try to finish the Confetti Pips quilt!

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  1. Whoohoo lucky you Mrs FB, love the threads! Also haha your previous post was hilarious! I couldn't comment 'cause the comments box is interdit at work!


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