Saturday, 28 May 2011

New skills or tricks I've learnt...

OK, 'skills' might be too strong a word, but my Friday night sewing was rather a success.
  • Determined to make the best job I can for the Brit Quilt Swap, and with all those teeny pieces, I needed the most consistent seams allowances of my life.  Hence a smashing blue strip of masking tape on my machine, which although almost flat, actually gives a really good 'edge' to butt the fabric up against - bonus.
  • I chain-pieced each row and didn't get in a tangle!   I'd only tried this once before and had got fed up after about 4 pieces and chopped them apart and carried on as usual.  On these small squares it was perfect for keeping track, and by the end I had mastered the optimum spacing between the blocks.
  • I don't know how I would have coped without the layout photo!  I had to keep checking back which way the tiny squares went together and will need it for the next stage for sure - how did we function before digital photography?
  • I seem to have mastered my iron!  It has scorched, soaked and generally been the bane of my life until last night, when it steamed, flattened and generally made my seams as crisp as they could be - what a difference, and about bloody time!
  • ... and finally the weight of a couple of Argos catalogues straight after pressing each row, just for a few minutes, works a treat to get everything as flat as possible.

So now I have 9 piles of ten 2.5" squares ready to be joined.  Hope my partner is as excited about seeing how this all turns out as I am; dear son has already put in an order for Skull v.2.


  1. Phew, well done getting them all sorted in the right place, looks like a real marathon!

  2. Don't you just love blue painters tape!!!?? and here's another tip... you can layer it up - just keep putting strip upon strip and that really gives you an "EDGE" to butt up to!

    Chain piecing is just so wonderful when you have oodles of those pieces to put together! I also sometimes get into a tangle but found if I put a cup or bowl on the floor where the chain will land, then the pieces "kind of" stay in order!

    That's a great idea taking the digital photo for the layout!

    Hey!! I'm finally quilting my Chubby Chicks quilt!! I know, and not before time!!

    Have a lovely weekend:-)

  3. Is this is the same son that wanted a paper pieced project? Sounds like that young man needs to learn to sew LOL

  4. I agree, masking tape is way better than the 1/4" foot for me... And I love chain piecing. You're way ahead of me with the ironing tho! Mum reckons my iron's crap, so that's my excuse... I do really love how your BQS is shapin up, its awesome!

  5. Great work, you have learned a lot. I use a bit of plastic tape which is a little thicker and I think maybe came from a quilt shop. It makes a huge difference for me on the seams. Also, chain piecing is so much easier than stopping and starting the threads.I really love your quilt, it is going to be stunning!

  6. You're getting on trumps with this! Gold star for patience. Jxo

  7. Love that painter's tape idea! Your blocks look great! Isn't it great when everything works out just so? Ah, I love it! I bet you're glad to have that done.

  8. Ooo clever, i might have to steal..er I mean.. reuse that tip! Am very looking forward to this reveal :)


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