Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I wish!

Look at this... my beautiful stash, a pile as tall as a small child?  Oh I wish...

Nope, it's my scrappy binding!  I've cut, joined and pressed about 5 yards already for the scrappy quilt.   Told you I was eager to get back to this one!

OK, so the actual quilt top is still at the 'pile of blocks' stage, but I had an itch, so I scratched it!

I also have another tick!  I finally relented, probably against my better judgement, to join my first, and the Brit Quilt first swap.  Being able to hold my hand up to being a 'Beginner' was a weight off my shoulders, and the constant nagging encouragement of the more experienced 'mamas' finally got to me!

No14.  Do a Swap - maybe not the first Brit Swap, as having looked at this list, I think perhaps I need to get a few other things ticked off first, but maybe in August? Tick!

If you have signed up too, and are destined to be the recipient of my handiwork, blame the 'mamas', they made me do it, I wish!!


  1. Really glad you are joining in - I feel ridiculously nervous about it too, but am sure we'll be fine.
    Love the binding - it's one of the quiltie jobs I love to do...........

  2. Oh you are so not a beginner - stop copping out! I would be delighted to get something from you! Jxo

  3. I wish i could quilt so i could swap with you. oh well i will enjoy looking instead! x

  4. I'd be chuffed to bits to get something from you!

  5. Your binding looks yummy scrummy Mrs! And well done on joining the swap, they are lots of fun!

  6. I would love to get something from you. You make lovely stuff!

  7. lovin that bindin

    So pleased you're in the swap :) Yay!


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