Thursday, 26 May 2011

Union Top...

I've finished my Dad's Union Jack quilt top, and although I have used some 'quilter's artistic licence' that only a vexillologist would notice, (or anyone who feels the need to compare it to a 'real' flag!), I am really pleased with how it turned out.

There were a couple of worrying/confusing moments, especially when one of the four sections turned out to be a totally different size and ratio to the others, but happily only one bit of sewing the wrong, or rather wrong and right, sides together. 

Although I had to carry out a major squaring up exercise before joining the sections together, it still needs a little trim to straighten up the outside edges, but I will do that after quilting; and I have no idea how I am going to do that yet.

There was no way I was going to risk trying to take a picture outside this afternoon, between dodging showers and the gale-force winds, the conservatory was the safest place to be!

I have so many off-cuts, I will be making a scrappy strip or two to add to the backing, although at 40"x 60" I could just back it with one piece of the Klona grey, but that would be too easy!


  1. That came together pretty quick! And despite your artistic license, it looks pretty accurate. Well done girl!

  2. Wow! It's huge, and it's great. More accurate than my flag so I won't be saying anything at all other than praise!

  3. This looks fab! I think outline quilting the plain aspects of the flag would really make them stand out, & then fill in the 'tree' sections with some other lines, maybe V shapes to correspond with the background shapes (I'm sure that was as clear as mud!) Jxo

  4. Oh btw - I WON SOMETHING! Jo from Bearpaw just emailed me - I won her FQ giveaway out of over 1000 comments! Wahooooo! I never win anything - so I just had to brag about it to someone who also loves winning giveaways (not rubbing your face in it or anything!!!) Jxo

  5. That turned out really nice! He should love it!

  6. Your Union Jack quilt is fabulous! The print is wonderful and such a great colour choice!

  7. The union jack is great. I love that is totally recognisable despite the non standard colours. Wasn't the weather bizarre today. Niki and I got soaked coming back from her theory test!

  8. Bet your dad'll love this.


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