Tuesday, 1 March 2011

All change...

Poor hubby has the man-flu, and has been hinting for a while that he needs somewhere to put all his small change, so thanks to a well-timed Sew Hip project (issue 27), I decided to be nice...ta da!

Although my fabric selection, cutting and stitching were all interrupted by cooking, eating, getting 3 ready for bed and a quick phonecall to NZ, I reckon I could have got this made in about 30 minutes!

I used some linen and Echino, and a bit of hubby's favourite 'spider-pig' print.  Please note my shaky shadowy photos make my shaky stitching look a bit worse than it really is!

The pattern is simply a square, 3 rectangles and poppers!  I will definitely make more - I think I have found my calling!  There are adaptations to be made.

Credit for the pattern goes to Jo Ebisujima, and I've just had a quick look at her lovely blog and etsy store, hmmm, I spy lovely Japanese linen!

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  1. Nice idea...not sure my husbands small change would make it in there...probably still end up on the carpet after dropping jeans onto the chair!


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