Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Where to begin - not often I have more than one thing looking good at any one time!

Well the covers fit!  So relieved about that! 

The kids are already using them like... cushions - how dare they, don't they realise the effort they took?

And so, I took the bull by the horns and decided to tackle that inner circle once and for all.  Laptop to the ready I followed Lynne's instructions, mucked up the first attempt (fortunately not too far round) and then I kind of cracked it! 

OK so it isn't a perfect circle by mathematical standards, but I reckon when I get a bit of quilting on there and no-one will notice (they will be distracted by my even more wobbly quilting!).

So if you are still plucking up the courage, go for it - it wasn't as bad as I thought, but I'm glad I'm only doing the one though.

It's an early post today as I really need to get on with the HUG this evening.  I didn't start until after 9 last night and my counting was all over the place, so I need to try it awake if I don't want to spend more time unpicking than stitching!


  1. oh they look so good - you clever clever talented person. and i am so impressed with your circle. i bow to your superior crafting!!xxxx

  2. Yay well done! Hope I manage to do mine!

  3. Brilliant! I'll tackle mine soon I promise, maybe Sunday at this rate! :o)

  4. I had to redo my first one (sorry didn't follow instructions to the T) but the second turned out great! Glad yours turned out wonderful!

  5. Love your colors (and pillows on the couch are very chic.} I think your circle is very round.


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