Monday, 21 March 2011

Cushion decisions...

I've been playing with my cushions again this evening and have ordered some more fabric to create my masterpieces - some more Tufted Tweets and a couple of solids from Mandy, and some Sugar Pop yardage from Fabric Rehab.

I also indulged in some...

Which I have never used, but seems to be a necessity!

And some... 
Which I have never tried but heard great things - any experience folks?


  1. Lovely cushions. I first knew about freezer paper years ago, I have a roll but havent used it much but it is great for applique and for templates.

  2. Snap! I've recently bought the same freezer paper and spray adhesive but not actually used them yet. I can't decide whether to use the freezer paper for Lilys Quilts QAL or whether to try cutting round a conveniently sized Peppa Pig plate!
    Oh, and I love the cushions. I might have to get some more Tufted Tweets too :)

  3. I have both - the freezer paper is still the original roll, I've probably only used a foot, but the spray I use loads. I use it to baste my patchwork quilts and random other stuff - couldn't beithout it!

  4. great cushions and i need to learn patchwork! x


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