Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dresden sewing, maths and a little bit of shopping...

I took the plunge and stitched together the dresden plate sections this morning just to see what my measurements would come out like - my inner diameter, and therefore outer diameter are an inch less than 'expected' even though I cut and stitched those 1/4" seams as near as damn it!

Mind you, if the inner edges are 1.5" and there are 21 with 1/4" seams each side, then as Diameter = 2 x 3.142 x radius, then 21 = 2 x 3.142 x 3.34  which would be a 6.68" diameter not the 7" expected...  With fabric cuts and seams, that's 42 possible areas of error and would be an average of  0.016" out on each, so I don't feel so bad now!  If only my quilting was half as good as my maths I'd be happy!  Please don't tell me my maths is wrong too or I'll probably cry!

I don't seem to be the only one coming up with random diameters big and small, and lovely Lynne has promised she will see us right.  Patience of a saint!

Other than that, today we went to the garden centre after lunch for 'pudding', ie. ice cream, and the kids spent a good half hour or so climbing and making friends in the play area, and I got some new welly boots!


  1. (a) we're in the same boat re. our wacko diameters, so don't worry, queen lily of the quilts will solve everything tee hee

    (b) I'm in love with your wellies

  2. I too am in love with your wellies!! Also, I love your fabric choices. And I'm in awe of your maths abilities, I so did not understand all that. I'm just relying on Lynne knowing it all!

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about mismatched measurements when the result is that pretty!!


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