Friday, 18 March 2011

Gotta love a Giveaway or 2!!

Lily's Quilts QAL and Flickr group are getting more fascinating by the day, and dipping in and out of lots of the other participant's blogs is getting a bit addictive!

One superb fabric selection on Flickr caught my eye and it linked back to from the blue chair, not only is the said blue chair upholstered in one of my favourite fabrics, Laurie Wisbrun's Chairs (currently in my cushion cover 'to do' pile), and matched with the best blue ever, but Kati is also a mum of twins, we have the same current favourite colour scheme and she's having a giveaway of the fabrics that I swooned over in the first place!  So with many coincidences, I am bound to be the winner, but you could have a go too!

Lynne has also alerted us to an April 1st Blogaversary giveaway; so I'm keepin' 'em peeled for that for sure.

Not much else to report this evening - I spent the whole afternoon making cakes and biscuits with the kids, so now I am going to grab the HUG, watch Comic Relief and relax, oh and eat cakes and biscuits!

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  1. we were up to the same thing.. my emily peacock and comic relief. Is it me , or was it more upsetting this year? xx


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