Saturday, 26 March 2011

Chopping, changing and candyfloss...

I thought I would have a good go at the cushion covers this evening; so I ironed all those lovely Tufted Tweets, and got slicing.  However it was a short-lived affair as I kept changing my mind, and I realised how tired I was when the 'measure twice, cut once' mantra started going array - so I've quit before any irreparable damage! 

I blame the tiredness on the hours of cleaning, washing and ironing I did earlier, followed by a walk to the fun fair, a couple of rides, including the Teacups and too much candyfloss!

So some more HUG for me this evening - I am planning to get all that cream completed first.


  1. Is there some subliminal advertising going on here? You keep showing variations of the same green, petrol and white colour ways, and it really growing on me. I love today's fabrics!

  2. hope you get the energy to do them soon. but i am really looking forward to the hug being finished! x

  3. Sounds like you had a busy day.....if i'd gone on the teacups I would feel ill for a week!
    Looking forward to seeing these finished, I love the fabric


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