Monday, 28 February 2011

Never one for the easy option...

Thursday (oops amended from Friday - good job I re-read the letter!), as I am sure most of you are well aware, is World Book Day.  So dressing up as a favourite book character is the name of the game for dear son.

So although we had the whole of half term to think of and organise an outfit, did we?  Oh no.  Was I thrown into panic this weekend and then prepared to go into town after work today to buy something?  Almost.  But no, instead of taking the easy option, I have ended up spending the best part of this afternoon and evening doing a bit of deconstruction-reconstruction to produce possibly the silliest thing I have ever made!

From these:

To this!

I still need to give it a good press and tidy up all the lose threads, but little Wally should be impressed!  I will take photos on Friday.


  1. Very clever....looking forward to seeing photos!

  2. ha ha that is brilliant! well done, i am so impressed. did you see 'miranda' doing wheres wally? thanks for email too. x

  3. Thanks ladies! I hope he likes it - it is likely to look like a dress, but I won't mention that!

  4. Great work!! Where's Wally was a favourite of my boy too. Although no matter what the theme, he always wanted to wear his Pirate costume! must dig out a pic and put it on my blog!

    Your little man will look fantastic!


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