Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ready for another one?

So I ran out of snap fasteners last night, and I couldn't get this one finished until a quick trip to the goldmine, that is my local stitching, crafting and fabric shop in the village!  I got the original pack from eBay but I am surprised and glad to say that the little local lady was cheaper, and after a quick phonecall to check she had what I was after, I was there and back in 10 minutes... Oh I love living here!


  1. i am so pleased your lady had and not ebay - yeah to supporting local shops! and it looks fab..i am going to ask you to do a class for me..xx

  2. It has got to be the most crammed shop full of both excellent and awful things ever - I love it!

    (You are bonkers; I am blushing!)


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