Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Today I started a quilt top and a little project for the weekend - but more about the latter tomorrow!

I have so much fabric, and am lusting after so much more at the moment!  So I thought I should use up some of what I have to justify any future purchases, and ease my conscience.  When I first decided to start 'quilting' I went a little crazy buying fabric that, if I had just stopped, breathed and thought about it for a while, perhaps I may have passed on.

One such purchase was a Moda Boutique layer cake - the print on the top of the pack seemed like fun, but there are a number of prints I really dislike, and I am just not feeling the colours any more.  So I am going to do a little experimenting - deviate from safe charm squares and see what happens without the worry of spoiling something I love.  Does that sound ruthless?

I am still having 'cutter's angst' about the Laurie Wisbrun cushions - I need to work on them in the daytime, not just rushed after tea, so maybe on Sunday...

Happy Pancake Day everyone!


  1. You go girl!!

    Happy Pancake Day to you too oh and Int' Womans Day!


  2. I was so busy being a 'happy woman' I forgot to send out good wishes to one and all!


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