Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ideal Home Show... part 2

So here are the freebies I collected on my day out yesterday; not as much as last year - that's probably just a sign of the times, but a good haul none-the-less (there was a dark chocolate KitKat too, but I seem to have eaten that!).

The ribbon, ric-rac and pom-poms I bought at £10 for the 5, which I thought was fantastic.  No plans for them as yet - the pom-poms aren't as big as I am planning for the HUG and KISS, but I have plenty of time to practice with these before they are finished!

Oh, and there's the small pot of edible glitter!

As promised here's a picture of the patchwork ball so far - on looking now, without train-motion, I think I could have done a whole lot better - so I may be doing a lot of unpicking and stitching on the wrong-side, or using embroidery thread, I'm still undecided.

Today has been the lazy day I probably should have had yesterday - a bit of HUGing, grey skies and family time.


  1. Good freebies! I wouldn't have made it home before eating the kitkat either.

    I love the ric rac and pompoms so cute! I'm sure whatever you decide with the balls they will be great :)

  2. I am definitely going to make a hexi ball. Do you whip stitch it, or use the invisible sort of ladder stitch?

    You were very restrained at the IHE. We daren't go any more... Drive and patio paved, solar panels, bath/shower unit, air source heat pump (dont ask, I have no idea) all bought at the last three visits!!


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