Thursday, 3 March 2011

Where's Wally... and other successes...

Well, can you spot him? 

He loved his outfit, wore it until bedtime, and I obviously thought he looked the best - we even spotted a Wenda in another class!  It is going to fit him for years!

Last night I finished the 'H' - looking good eh!

I think I am going to work the bottom rows as I move along, as I don't want to be left with days of straight stitching to do after I have completed the 'G'.

Then this afternoon I got the samples stitched and stapled to the canvases, with the minimum of re-stapling and fuss!  The panel now resides on top of our bedroom chest of drawers until we sort fixing it to the wall... photos will follow, but for now, the sunshine was too lovely to miss.

And just so they don't feel missed out - the girls made a Belle and Rapunzel...


  1. He looks just brilliant! soooo cute. x well dont with Hug. i know what you mean about doing the same colour bits all at the end - i am trying to move along equally. x

  2. Wally looks amazing...I remember when 'Wheres Wally?' first came out...when I was young :)
    The panels are great too...you are so clever!


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