Friday, 25 March 2011

I see U baby...

Whoopee!  I have a 'U'!  I stayed up late, (well it was after 10pm!) last night to get this finished.  I now have to decide whether to get on with the 'G' or tackle the other 'little pink hand' first and leave the 'G' until last...

So all my recent purchases will be getting a look in very soon - I promise to stop buying and start making!  With this lot for starters...

Lynne of the infamous QAL and Lily's Quilts has posted a great little tutorial on creating way lines, so I might have to have a go at that this weekend, in advance of sewing the Dresden inner-circle.  I am pretty good at unintentional wobbly lines, but that isn't quite the same thing!

Other weekend plans include a trip to the funfair and spending Sunday trying to locate all our clocks, watches and timers and then trying to work out how to change them!


  1. ooo its looking so good - do the g! after a few jobs i have to do i am going to try a quilt. x

  2. Looking good! Buying can be just as fun as making.


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