Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lazy Sunday...

Today involved a trip to the park, a stop by the pond to feed the ducks on the way to get the papers, and back for a snooze in the garden with the first outing for the deckchairs this Spring.  Lovely.

On Friday dear son came home from school with a carnation in blue water, a little mishap involving daddy meant that yesterday more flowers and food colouring were bought for experimenting with.  I prefer them white, but the kids are all amazed at the results.

I am suffering with joint pain in my hands at the moment, so in the name of taking it easy, I sorted out a bundle of fabric destined for cushion covers - I now just have to decide if I dare chop into those Laurie Wisbruns or just simply use each FQ whole - I feel some inspiration surfing is in order.


  1. Beautiful fabric!! I hope your hands feel better soon.

    I'd love to see how you make cushion covers!

  2. such lovely fabric - its always so hard to cut into them! what will they become....?!

  3. Lovely fabric, what are your plans for it? Hope your hands mend soon....so frustrating!


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