Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm on to U!

I have started the 'U'!!

I had a bit of a frustrating evening, being unable to count to 7 correctly and then unpicking the bits that were right, but eventually the next letter is definitely on it's way!

I am so glad that I completed the bottom border sooner rather than later, instead of leaving it until after the 'G', as that felt like a long slog.  I am getting even more excited about seeing it finished now!

Pretty sure I am not going to be done in 60 days, (people keep wanting to be fed, and work expects me to turn up everyday!), so I have set a very arbitrary goal of 75 days to complete it...

If you read last night's post - I must re-iterate that I am so pleased to have joined the QAL and posted my fabric picture on Flickr.  The comments have been so lovely and encouraging - definitely a confidence boost; thank you everyone, especially Lynne, who now knows what it is like to have the largest, naughtiest class in school! 

Eat your heart out Saint Jamie and your Dream School - try mustering these 200 fabric-fanatical, very chatty and probably quite crazy women into doing what they're told, all at the same time!  20 teenagers, easy-peasy!

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