Friday, 11 March 2011

A little rest and recuperation...

Well I stayed off work again today, and the anti-biotics are starting to work their magic; hopefully I will feel much better by tomorrow, otherwise I will be shuffling around Earls Court at granny-speed, and chest infection or not, you know that won't impress me much!

But all the home-rest had it's non-medicinal benefits too - I got the trial quilt top finished - I know, another quick and simple one, but actually the most complex I have tried, and I even pieced it 'properly' and ended up with matched seams, that is definitely a first!

It's just a shame I don't particularly like it, though it is definitely a grower!  It will probably be destined for the play room, or the playhouse in the summer, so I'm on the hunt for some relatively inexpensive backing and binding - village shop, you may be my saviour!


  1. Maybe the quilt will grow on you.

    You may pick up a sheet from a charity shop for the backing.

  2. Considering how ill your probably feeling, I think that it looks fine,I'm sure that it will grow on you.Oh! and your stichery is looking fantastic too.

  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend FB :-)
    As Ailsa said, charity shops are a good bet for cheapo plonko sheets-for-backing..... as are jumble sales & Ikea ;-)
    I also have a quilt top pieced, basted & ready for quilting which I'm less than enamoured with (used two charm packs & don't particularly like the colourway now! ).....what to do eh?!


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