Thursday, 24 March 2011

As if I haven't got enough to sew already...

I bought my first cross-stitch magasine for the first time in a few months today. 

There are a couple of really cute projects in there, as well as the freebie pin cushion kit, which I am going to put in my handbag along with a couple of needles so that I am never caught out!

Take a look at this caravan - absolutely superb, it comes with a Beetle, Campervan, Mini and bike!  I know I must finish the 'HUG' first, as I still only have a 'HU', but I think I will tackle a couple of quick projects before I go in for the 'KISS'! 

When the clocks go forward on Sunday, it'll mean an immediate hour of good sewing machine/quilting time after the kiddies have gone to bed and before the good light in the conservatory goes and I settle in front of the TV, needle in hand.

The postie also left me a note that he took a couple of big parcels back to the depot this morning - so hopefully tomorrow I will be picking up my Tufted Tweets and freezer paper...  that will be a brilliant start to the weekend!

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  1. this is getting freaky now... i bought it too - and its my first cross stitch mag purchase! but i still can't quilt.ha ha! love the caravan. x


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