Sunday, 27 March 2011

Come in, take a seat...

Well despite losing an hour of lovely sleep, I managed to get my act together and crack on with cushion covers.

By lunch I had got as far as the binding on the first (yes, first!!).  I wanted to give the covers a bit of weight, so paired each piece with some light cotton, firstly tacking on the lining, pinning the pieces, zig-zagging the edges before attaching the binding.  Probably the most thorough I have ever been.

I then sat in the sun this afternoon and hand finished this little beauty...

I am pretty chuffed with the result!  I only mixed the patterns a little as I just couldn't make myself cut into this scrummy print too much!

The second, a more straight-forward square cushion, has been prepared up to binding, but I am a little bit lacking in green thread department, so I will have to nip to the shop after work tomorrow and get number two finished, hopefully in continuing sunshine!

I have another Tufted Tweets to piece, then I think I am going to go a little more adventurous on the pair of Sugar Pops!

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