Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A little something for the weekend...

I know I am a little early, but on Saturday I am going up to the Ideal Home Show, (I know I don't need a selection of novelty vegetable peelers or a Sunseeker yacht, but hey!).  This will involve over an hour each way on the train and after the frustration of my wait at Pease Pottage the other week, I figured a bit of prior preparation and planning was in order.

So back to my trusty Quilting In No Time, and I thought I'd try some real, paper-pieced stitchery!  There's a cute baby's ball that, with 12 pieces, I figure I can't go too wrong with!  I totally fell for the quilts at the V&A that still had those old papers attached, but I have never actually tried any real patchwork before.

This afternoon I got busy with my pieces and iron, (my new one, finally rescued from a box in the garage at the weekend), and created a little pile of 'spots' to happily stitch together on my journey.  I will even take 2 needles just in case!

I had toyed with the idea (well, for about 3 seconds) of taking the HUG - but could you imagine if I left it on the train!!!


  1. you can not loose the hug that is for sure! why is spotting material so gorgeous! Hope you get lots done. x

  2. disaster if the HUG is lost!

    Love that book, and love hexagons, ok these aren't hexagons but you know paperpiecing.

    I have made sooo many of those baby balls! They are very straightforward and ideal for the train!


  3. I've just been to a meeting about the village fair and craft show, and about the only category (out f 24!!!!) that I can do something for is the knitted or stitched child's toy. I didn't know what to make, until I checked your blog!! Thank you :-)

  4. I cant wait to see this finished, great fabric and have a great day out too!

  5. I love yor fabrics, can't wait to see your finished ball! Have a great day out :-)


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