Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First Love...

A little diversion this evening as this man has a lot to answer for at the moment!

One of the twins is besotted with the 'lovely, fablious Jamie-30-minute-meals', for that is actually his real name!

From the moment she wakes, until she kisses his picture at bedtime with a 'Good Night, I love you', I am asked where he lives, can we go there, can she take her own cutlery round to his for tea, and can she borrow my 'marriage dress and clip-clop shoes' to marry him in?  It is incessant!

This has been going on for days, all down to the Comic Relief cookbook

We are trying to decide what to make on Friday, purely for our own consumption.  I wouldn't inflict anything we will produce on anyone who isn't 'family'!  I'm quite happy to make and eat the lot.

Are you doing anything 'funny for money' this week?

Watch out Joolz, there's a determined young lady with eyes on your man!

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