Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ta dahs!

Here are the finished Lola's!

The first, for my colleague, now ex-colleague, which went down very well, it has to be said…

Apologies for the dodgy night-time shots before I wrapped it up last night, sorry.

However this afternoon I finished the other one destined for my Mum for Mother's Day…

Hurrah for the return of the sunny outside photos!!

Yep, I am more than happy with these, complete with little leather zip pulls, and the combos of heavier weight 'bottoms' in Essex Linen and a Kokka blend, with the lovely AGF 'tops'.

That's 4 Lola pouches so far, I know there will be many more!


  1. And there's me trying to get rid of my heavier weight bottom - such is life! Your mum has a lovely bottom, and top!!'

    1. LOL! me too~ I'd love to get rid of my heavier-weight bottom!!

  2. Just caught up on all your posts that I kissed. Great pouch making. Fabulous cushions in QuiltNow. And absolutely marvellous blocks for me, obviously. X

  3. I especially love the beautiful grey fabric in the top one, my wish list for fabric grows every time I read blogs. x

  4. beautiful fabric combos! love them- especially your mom's!


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