Thursday, 5 March 2015

Another World Book Day...

I got away with just buying the girls some fairy wings this year, but dear son was the recipient of a handmade outfit.

Polly The Party Fairy, Gandalf, Luna the Loom Band Fairy
Gandalf the Grey from a sheet; the head hole was chopped a little large, but it all came together and I feel like I did my bit.

If you had small folks partaking, I really hope it wasn't too painful!


  1. Great costumes, love Gandalf! Can you believe my daughter's school didn't dress up - the only school in Great Britain not to do so I'm sure! I did think it was a bit miserable not to! But they are having a book and poetry 'week' so at least they are enjoying books and hopefully having fun.

  2. I can't get over the existence of a "Luna the Loom Band fairy." For reals??!!?

  3. I'm kind of sorry (only kind of) that my kids missed all this fun. Born too early for this.

  4. oh, the serious cuteness! you're the best mama ever.

  5. Did you spend the year looking for easy to do books for the girls???? One of mine went as pippi longstocking every year - pipe cleaners in the plaits are great!

  6. They are darling! These are the things they will always remember :)

  7. By the years go fast it seems like just yesterday you were making world book day costumes


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