Thursday, 26 March 2015

If in doubt...shop!

I have signed up to a tonne of fabric shop e-newsletters and offers over the years.  I have to admit a lot get deleted straight away, otherwise I would never leave the house, because I would have no money for clothes or time for anything else, but last week I succumbed to a couple.

Firstly the Eternal Maker's birthday discount was a case of right place right time; I had been eyeing up the bolt end of turquoise rulers, so I snapped them up straight away, oh and a few more bits and bobs, just to make it worth the postman's while, you know, I'm all heart…

And Jo Bearpaw's all new Denyse Schmidt Franklin selection, well I didn't think twice before I had paypal'd a FQ bundle, and I am so glad I did!


So that's me all stocked up and not going to need to buy any more fabric then, ever… yeah right!


  1. Um you're not helping with not tempting me!

  2. Well it wouldn't do to have the postman deliver a half empty parcel, would it?!

  3. Who are you? Clearly not Hadley as there is definitely BROWN fabric there!!!


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