Friday, 6 March 2015

Another one of those days...

I spent the day holding the hair of a poorly child, and finishing of a couple of chores between bouts.

Then to top off the day, I went on the Brownie village quiz trail, finishing off at the chip shop.

I did have Jaffa Cakes for my tea though!  You can't say my life isn't glamourous xxx


  1. hope the poorly one kept it to herself! (and that shes better soon obvs) x

  2. Perhaps not glamorous, but wonderfully and quintessentially English. You make me eager to get back to the UK to visit my in-laws, village chippy and all!

  3. We've had the sicky bug attacking kids and adults at school, usually quick recovery, but hope s/he doesn't share with the rest of you!

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  5. I hope all are better and it went no further, fish and chips sound great as do jaffa cakes which are low in fat :)


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