Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Springtime Lola...

Another retirement gift, another Lola pouch

More Essex linen and Frances Newcombe prints, and those lovely extras, metal zipper and leather pull…

I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again, this has got to be the most satisfying pouch to make, love you Svetlana x

And with that successful start to the day, I am also now at binding-point of my #IGminiswap, and think that a little Lola extra will be in order!

Now if you will excuse me posting so early in the evening, I am off to the Guide hall to fill in the paperwork so that I can sleep over at the Brownie holiday in May.  Oh what have I done!?


  1. Gorgeous pouch! You're going on the Brownie holiday? Are you mad?!!

  2. What a pretty pouch. I just love that binding, such perfection. So glad you like the pattern.

  3. Ok I'm succumbing to Lola.
    I knew it would happen, what with you showing all of these glorious makes :-)))))
    …where can I buy the little leather pulls Hadley? Tinternet ?

  4. Lovely pouch...... Us Brownie leaders wouldn't cope without the mums like you who actually put their hands up to help out..... And (secretly) Brownie sleepovers can be great fun. x

  5. More lovely sewing, you must have an incredible amount of stash because I rarely see the same print twice. x

  6. You've tempted me with this one long enough!!! I finally had to go buy it!


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