Friday, 20 March 2015

One Shade of Grey...

Yep, the South Coast eclipse was a total non-event…

I didn't even have to leave my desk, so no effort wasted at least.

But it's the weekend, I have done the business with the hoover, the house looks reasonably respectable, and plans for the weekend are relaxed.  Just what I need.

I do owe so many of you a huge apology for neglecting my Inbox of late.  I fear it has reached scary proportions, so to save my sanity, (but not appease my guilt), I am going to make a sweeping 'Thank You' statement for all your much appreciated words, and hope you don't hold it against me.  This half term may have been a short one, but I feel a bit like I have been through the wringer, although I am now happily out the other side.

So first day of Spring, clean slate and all that.  Bring. It. On. xxx


  1. That looks like those alien light rod things!! I saw it and think I looked at it too long and now fear I burned my eyeballs, eek!! I'm with you on the emails, I also mean to reply but can't always manage it. Totally understand and wishing you a very relaxing weekend :)

  2. I think I might have to do the same on the inbox, holding nothing against you ever. I think that it was not light yet when the eclipse reached my house, but some of the photos are lovely.

  3. remarkable clear here in Belfast, when the clouds passed over. Peeking out through the tinted windows trying not to blind myself!

  4. We got a really good glimpse through the cloud cover (and my 'pinhole in a piece of card plus my bedroom wall' camera worked really well earlier in the eclipse) - didn't think to take a photo, though!

    I hope you're feeling the benefit of an empty(ish) inbox...I need to tackle mine!


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